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Ready Golf Packages and Course-by-Course : Introduction to Golf Courses in Indonesia

Golfing in Indonesia

Komodo Dragon of Komodo Island - If you find less comfort in its presence, hop across to Lombok in the Lesser Sunda chain of islands where The Lombok Kosaido Golf & Country Club and Rinjani Golf Club are.Some say, golfing in Indonesia is second only to golfing in paradise. We haven’t been to both, so we will leave it to others to vouch for that first. What we do know is that golf is being played all year round and golfers are spoiled for choice!

In and around Jakarta alone, one is able to play in as many as 15 different championship courses designed by the world’s top names like Nicklaus, Faldo, Norman, and Palmer, just to name a few.

Golf enthusiasts will be excited when they discover on arrival the wide variety of golf adventures that await their exploration. Indonesian golf courses appeal to every level of player, from the beginners to the near professionals. Good quality courses as well as the spectacular settings in which many of these courses are located continue to attract many golfers from around the world.

In Indonesia, golf courses can be found not only in conventional sites but in many instances also at unlikely locations like the shores of a picturesque lake, inside a volcanic crater, on ocean cliffs, amidst rice paddies, on mountain slopes and sometimes almost completely surrounded by lush tropical rain forest. Such is the penchant for golf in this country.

Just like anywhere else, business is often conducted on the golf course. Foreigners new to the country quickly discover the same conducive business environment playing golf in Indonesia.

Daimai Indah Golf Club - A popular ground in JakartaA good number of domestic and world-class events are organized each year, usually sponsored by the multinational corporations operating in the country. The AmCham golf tournament is a regular feature. Of late, there are the Johnny Walker Classic, Volvo Masters and other high quality tournaments filling the ever expanding golf calendar in this country. The recently inaugurated ASEAN Pro Golf Circuit kicked-off its maiden tournament in Jakarta and that could only add prestige to the quality of golf in Indonesia.

Jakarta also boasts of having one of the oldest golf courses in Asia (A highly contentious term to use if you knew the intra-regional rivalry in terms of the individual prestige of the nations involved), the Rawamangun, otherwise known as the Jakarta Golf Club. Apparently it was the favourite ground of the then President Suharto and his cronies. It is an old-fashioned English-style course, short (you will rarely use a driver) and tree-lined.

Indonesia: General Information

Semeru Volcano - The highest on Java, Indonesia - One of the links on the 'Rim of Fire' making up the Indonesian ArchipelagoIndonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. It consists of five main islands: Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya. Additionally there are some 30 other smaller ones, together with all the others making in all a total of more than a whopping 17,000 islands! It has the fifth largest population in the world numbering some 200 million and is made up basically of Malay and Polynesian stock comprising some 300 ethnic groups having their own individual traditions and dialectic languages. Early immigrants from the Indian subcontinent, China, the Middle East and others have left their mark on the culture and religions of this country. More influences were to come from the Portuguese, Spanish, English and Dutch traders and colonialists.

The Indonesian constitution allows freedom of religion in a predominantly Muslim country and the state’s motto of ‘unity in diversity’ (Pancasila) is a recognition of the diversity of the many different people unified in one nation. These diverse culture have given Indonesia a rich heritage of traditions and art resulting in festivities throughout the year in different parts of the country. These festivities are usually closely related to religion. This is particularly so on the island of Bali. You will generally find the Indonesians friendly and welcoming to travelers with smiles abounding.

Bali: 2 Golfers

Experience the best of golf in Bali
5 day 4 night 3 golf Package Price Per Person: Using
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Le Meridien Nirwana Hotel – USD
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Jakarta-Bali Golf

Golf to your Heart’s Content:  Across the Jawa Island
12 day 11 night 6 golf Package
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Play at Emerald Golf Club, Imperial Golf Club, Bogor Raya Golf Club & Damai Indah (BSD) Golf Club. Stay at luxurious Park Lane Hotel. Daily breakfast at hotel & fully air-conditioned transportation with English-speaking guide. Add more golf play if four rounds are not enough, or book local tours to see Jakarta in greater detail.

After Jakarta, we will take you right across the Java island over to the enchanting island of Bali for another 5 day 4 night 3 golf tour to wrap up a truly memorable golf visit to Indonesia. Play two rounds, one each at Bali Handara Kosaido Golf Resort at Bedugul and Le Meridien Nirwana Golf Club, Tanah Lot. Stay at beautiful Bali Handara Resort & Grand Bali Sani Suites at exclusive Kerobokan. Full breakfast and air-conditioned transportation to take you all the way to scenic Bedugul and back to the sunny beaches of Bali. Airfare for Jakarta-Bali may be added at your request.

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