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NEPAL: Golfing in the Himalayas

Golf in Kathmandu & Pokhara, NEPAL

Tucked at the foot of the Himalayas’ range of mountain and sandwiched between China and India, the history of this former-Kingdom and now a republic runs as lengthy as it’s allowed in Wikipedia and also as distant as its long and politically sensitive borders with the two giant neighbours.

If the country/region was at the cross-road of trade some ancient time back, it is at no less a strategic point today where lasting regional peace and harmony may hopefully be achieved.

We’ll leave to the pleasure of the readers in exploring the intricacies of how, over thousands of years, a region of little settlements evolved into dynasties of various clanistic groups and of how multiethnic, multilingual and multicultural groups of people morphed into a typical Nepali person we meet anywhere today…Namaste! Read about it there.

We’ll talk about something simpler like golf instead.

Being under the influence of the British for as long as India had, Nepal touts amongst many other things of having some golf courses built as far back as the beginning of colonial time. In fact some claim that Nepal has the ‘oldest golf course in the region’ even though the geographic extent of the word was not clearly defined – to include Kalimpong and/or the Yak Golf Course? – a sure fodder for an after-round drinks, and perhaps one that no respectable Kolkatans would back off lest the great region further south be ‘inked by the drinks’ and ‘retrospectively annexed’!

The Himalayan Golf Course - Panorama

Nonetheless, by pure coincidence perhaps, if you are visiting Kathmandu for the first time and sitting at the driver-side of the vehicle exiting the airport, the first thing you might likely notice would be Royal Nepal Golf Club – one that’s iconic of it’s colonial past and standing in status along side the others in Southeast Asia like the RSGC of KL, Dalat Palace Resort of Vietnam, Rawamangan of Jakarta, Manila Golf Club, Gymkhana of Chiangmai and many others.

But with economic development of the country still at ‘glacier’ pace in recent times, golf as a sport has by and large not kept pace with the many other cities nearby. Kathmandu and Pokhara are the only two cities where there’s a respectable fraternity of golfers with a sprinkling of foreigners living in the country making up the regulars.

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Your Golf Trip For foreigners visiting the country for golf and sight-seeing, we generally recommend either doing Kathmandu alone or the preferred Kathmandu-Pokhara link which requires about a week and flying domestic airlines between the cities.
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POKHARA: Then & Now – A Short Update
About 5 hours of scenic bus ride from Kathmandu and at the foot of the Annapurna range of the Himalayas, Pokhara is famous foremost for the beauty of the snow-capped peaks matched by the vast and serene Phewa Lake.

Phewa Lake - Pokhara

Way back to the hazy days of the flower people, it was first linked by road directly from Kathmandu with the help of the Chinese Government who helped build the Friendship Highway that the infamous(?) Swiss Bus took the most advantage of by ferrying mostly foreigners seeking the elusive truth of life in this very mysterious mountainous region.

Today, Pokhara is fighting tooth and nail with its capital city to have an international airport built for no other reasons other than that it will slowly but surely become the icon of the country to the rest of the world. Coincidentally perhaps, after all these long, eventful and not least turbulent years the country has gone through the assistance for the new airport will again come from the Chinese Government purportedly.

Who says good friendships don’t last? Really?

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Bhaktapur Kathmandu

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Gokarna Forest Reserve Golf Course – Kathmandu
Royal Nepal Golf Club – Kathmandu
The Himalayan Golf Club – Pokhara
Yeti Golf Course – Pokhara

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Gokarna Forest Resort Kathmandu & Atithi Resort Pokhara (Double Room) with daily international breakfast

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