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Pattaya: Miami of the East?

pattaya bayThere are many well known golf courses around the world but most frequent those in the more established golf countries in the West and the US. With progress and economic development rapidly catching up in many of the up-and-coming countries, one should not be too surprised to find quality golf courses available there as well these days. One such place is Pattaya, east of the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok. Suave and international, this beach enclave ranks at par with many of its better known peers around the globe for its sun, sea, surf and sweeties amongst the many. Not surprisingly, golf is one of the top trappings that come with a reputation (some call it the ‘Miami of the East’) like this.

There are more than thirty golf courses in and around Pattaya city alone albeit with some arguably coming under the region of the Bangkok city. Wherever it may be that you draw a line of ‘OB’ between the two cities 2 hours’ drive apart, the number of courses available is still staggering by any standard. And of these, quite a few are of international standards and are therefore regularly used for top competitions.

But the main feature though of a golf haven in Southeast Asia like Pattaya is the relatively reasonable price of golf as an entertainment or a sport. The game of golf is simply closer here to the people than it is in other forbiddingly expensive countries which are usually also more established in golf development.

In Pattaya, golf vacation packages can be easily arranged in such a way one need not spend too much time to get to the courses and back. Good roads and the fact that the courses cluster around the city make a day-golf outing easy and enjoyable. Golf lessons and driving ranges are also easily accessible. In fact, foreign tourists visiting Pattaya for a short period regularly take advantage of the facilities by signing up for a golf short-course lesson.

Pattaya Golf
Easy Golf Package by the Sea

7 day 6 night 4 golf Package
Price: Let Us Quote for You
Minimum 12 Golfers – Add Optional Golf rounds or Local Sight-seeing tours

Golf: Play

  • Laem Chabang Golf Club
  • Pattaya Golf & Country Club
  • Pattana Golf Club
  • Burapha Golf Club

All golf inclusive of golf green, caddy & cart (twin-share) fees


  • Siam Bayshore Resort & Spa 4* or
  • A-One Royal Cruise Hotel

6 nights’ accommodation with daily international breakfast

Local Transfers:
Deluxe private vehicle for all transfers – Suvarnaphum Airport-Hotel-Golf Course-Hotel-Suvarnaphum Airport

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