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MYANMAR: Mystic, Exotic or Bare Reality?

U Bein Bridge - The longest teak-wood bridge in the world!

Some time back I visited Myanmar and took an over-night river boat trip for a sector of my travel there. This communal boat trip was very popular with many self-help foreign tourists. I bought my ticket at their official shipping office but came to know later of another ‘psst..psst’counter somewhere at the embarkation area, totally invisible but easily accessible if one appeared foreign.

Some foreigners came with prior knowledge and intent of purchasing only from this ‘psst..psst’counter. The price difference was never a major determinant but the general wisdom circulating in the community of foreign travelers for choosing this somewhat covert mode of securing a seat was that“ least, there’s a real possibility that the money will trickle down to the people on the ground!”Hmm…a noble idea, I thought.

But, exactly how that trickling process would take left much food for thought; the way in recent times huge losses from the financial fiasco of the major banks in the world, invented by none other than the fat cats of the industry trickling down from national level to the ordinary people? Hmm..highly amusingly imaginative, but the good intent of the self-appointed vanguards of principles noted nonetheless, at least some do care!

Pretty Myanmarese lassWell, we highlight this, while attempting to promote Myanmar as the last of the ‘virgin golf destinations’ in Southeast ASIA, to help illustrate the complexity this country was going through – from the perspective of foreigners propogating from outside to those visiting the country and seeing for themselves, and to the real happening in the local scene as inevitably guided by some unshakable traditions and practices, etc. – we leave you to your perception of the beneficiary if you, for your decadence  indulgence, make a contribution via your much-yearned-for hard currency by visiting the country for a golf tour.

If a Myanmar Golf Trip interests you, please read on…there’s some detail on Golf Courses in Yangon.

And, if you must boom your flashy 500c.c. Ball Launcher for your tee-off, please do it with a little tenderness and keep the ball within the fairway, for this is truely a country of gentle people, with or without flowers in their hair.

Read what JH says about his trip:

Hi Francis, Been back now in… Burma trip was certainly worth the spending though.

In general, all 5 of us was positive surprised about Burma. Very nice country, friendly people, good food, good hotels. New airport in good order. Yangon was a “cosy” city with no high buildings and they seems to take care of the old historical buildings in a good way. Impressive palace with an exceptional pagoda. Just great. No tanks or armed soldier on the streets, which we thought before.

Considering that Myanmar probably not have so much tourism experience it worked out very well All 5 of us had a great time and that is what we will remember.

Regards JH – Northland, Nov11 Myanmar: General Information Pathein River View

Old Capital

Yangon (Rangoon), the capital of The Union of Myanmar is situated on the Yangon River 21 miles away from the sea. It covers 77 square miles and has a population of over 5 million people. It is particularly famous for its great golden Shwedagon Pagoda – a richly gilded Buddhist stupa which rises 326 feet above Singuttara Hill, about 4 miles north of the city centre. According to legend, the pagoda is believed to be 2,500 year-old but in common with many other ancient pagodas and buildings, it has been rebuilt many times and its current form dates back only to 1769 A.D.

New Capital

The new administrative capital of “Naypyitaw” was established in 2006 and is situated about 260 miles North of Yangon. It’s not in your tourist map.

Old World CharmInternet WiFi is available at major hotels and establishment. Internet shops can be found at major business areas. Currency The local currency is the Kyat (Pronounced ‘chiart’; officially 1 US Dollar exchanges for 6.00 Kyats). USD cash or travellers cheques, as well as other major foreign currencies can be exchanged only at hotels, airport or Foreign Trade Banks. Credit Card Visa, Mastercard, JCB and some other major cards are accepted at the big hotels and international airlines’ offices. Visa Formalities Tourist visas for a 28-day stay are issued at all Myanmar Embassies and Consulates abroad. Visa on Arrival Permit This Permit is available and can be arranged prior to arrival for tourists from countries where Myanmar does not maintain an Embassy or Consulate. Chewing leaves for bettle nuts - Don't leave home without it!International flights Yangon has direct air link with many cities in neighbouring countries, notably Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Singapore, Dhaka, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Kumming, Guangzhou and New Delhi. The operating national airlines are Myanmar Airways International (8M), Thai Airways International (TG), Silk Air (MI), Biman Bangladesh Airlines (BG), Air China (CA), China Airlines (CI), Mandarin Airlines (AE), Air India (AI), Malaysia Airlines (MH) and Vietnam Airlines (VN). Additionally, other international airlines also fly to Yangon, and they are Bangkok Airways (PG), China Eastern Airline (MU), Thai Air Asia (FD) and China Southern Airlines (CZ). Domestic flights Myanmar Airways, Air Mandalay, Yangon Airways and Air Bagan are the major domestic carriers. Climate There are three distinct seasons in Myanmar: Hot Season – March to May Rainy Season – May to October (in lower Myanmar and the delta area mostly) Cool Season – October to February Shopping Best souvenirs from Myanmar are handicrafts made of lacquer wares, silver, Mother of Pearl, wood and stone carvings, hand-woven silk and cotton materials, gems and jewellery, embroidered tapestries ‘Kalaga’, traditional Myanmar puppets and tribal handicrafts. Pagoda in PaganHealth Care You should self-provide adequate supply of prescription medicines for your own needs. Transportation Adequate deluxe air-conditioned coaches, minivans and cars for all tours and transfers are available. Voltage Voltage throughout Myanmar is 220 Volt A.C. Voltage is generally constant but a voltage protection device can be helpful at times. Time in Myanmar Myanmar local time is GMT+6.5 hours. Insurance Visitors are advised to buy travel insurance from abroad. There are private hospitals in Yangon catering to mostly foreigners. Cellular Telephones or Mobile Telephones Cellular Telephones or Mobile Telephones from other countries are unable to operate in Myanmar. Prepaid GSM telephone cards are available at Yangon International Airport, Myanmar Shopping Mall and mobile phone shops. One card costs about USD 20. Bagan - World Heritage Archaelogical Site


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