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Penang: Simply..a Golfing Paradise!

A note from a Minister for Tourism:

Always a Swinging Time in Penang: Ask any politician!“Whether you are here in Penang on business or for pleasure, experience a truly wonderful tropical golfing experience. Our beautiful and sunny year-round tropical weather provides perfect days for golf in all five of our featured golf courses. Treat yourself to a luxurious spa after a round of golf, then ready yourself to savour the best of Penang’s cuisine! Get swinging!

What better way to relax than hitting a round of golf at the lush golf resorts and country clubs in the beautiful `Pearl of the Orient’.

As home to many multinational companies and expatriates, Penang never fails to keep abreast with the golfing needs and demands of those seeking for some fun and relaxation.

Whether you are a business or holiday traveller, you will never get bored with the adventurous activities and outings planned for your leisure. You will be wonderfully refreshed and invigorated in the midst of the massive expanse of greenery and abounding fresh air at the five golf courses in Penang.

We anticipate and try to fulfill your every golfing pleasure so that you leave with the innate desire to return for more. Remember, your golfing wish is our command!

Post-edit Update – Nov 2008: Remember ‘our golfing wish is their command!’? And so perhaps your golfing wish has been taken seriously, or perhaps by some Korean investors whose investment in golf courses overseas will not only serve the increasing number of Koreans on golf tour packages abroad but by and large the general golfing public as well – read about Santa Monica Golf Resort Town in Penang to be completed in 2012. The new course when completed will certainly not dramatically increase the number of golf venues now available in the State of Penang if you knew of the recent closure of two others namely, the Pearl Island Golf Club, on the island itself and Kristal Golf Club (of which B Yeoh was a member before) not far on the mainland. It will certainly bring a breath of fresh air to the golfing scene in land-tight Penang.

More Post-edit Update – Jan 2009: Perhaps coming as a rewarding response to the call of the untiring Minister for Tourism, readers of The New York Times have chosen Penang as the second best destination among “44 Places To Go in 2009”! Well, at the least it could only make your golf tour to Penang the more pleasurable, if you are inclined to the choice of the readers that is!

Penang: Our Island of Nostalgia

A note from the Editor:

“Penang was where Dad took us along for his business, sat us on cushy big, round ratten chairs of the 60’s right up the exclusive front of the upper deck of the ferry from Butterworth reading Binno, Dandy and other comic books imported from ‘mother’ Britain and fed us on tasty Koay Teow Soup with shredded duck meat from the famed Cathay Restaurant of the old Penang Road.

Penang: Our Island of NostalgiaLater, it was where we went on our trusty old-style bicycles for weekend camping on the beach at Teluk Bahang, trekking to the lighthouse at Muka Heed and pitching tents to overnight on the flood-prone plain beside the small Hindu Temple atop Penang Hill. And later still, it was where we went driving round the island with loved ones in search of top class durians at the scenic back of the island at Balik Pulau.

And now, with the Penang Bridge so conveniently connecting up with the mainland and all the mod-cond transportation so easily available and ever shrinking the world we used to journey, we just commute and, without the slightest sense of a destination that we used to know and always got excited about going, we drive there for a round, or two of golf too, and back!”

Penang: The Pearl of the Orient

Penang: The Powerhouse of Sport & Personalities

All said, not many realize the tiny island state produces more than its proportionate share of world champions and famous personalities. Nicol David, arguably the greatest squash player the world has ever seen, is the current World#1. Lee Chong Wei is the Number-1 ranked badminton player in the world since early 2008 and the island had produced many more such world champions since the ’30s!. And, in the lesser category perhaps, high fashion shoe designer, Jimmy Choo, crafted fine shoes for the late Princess Diana, and still does for many fine feet of famous ladies. Bond-Girl Michelle Yeoh actually hails not far from Penang (ah well, is, since the openning of the super expressway connecting her hometown and the island). And in golf, there’s of course, the one and only…er, yes, of course…umm…shhhh!…am on the line checking with the Minister of Sport…(umm…only hearing on-hold music to the tune of ‘Penang, ready for a swinging time again!’)…but don’t go away, we’ll be right back after this short commercial break!

Penang, an island located off the north-west coast of Peninsula Malaysia, is entwined with an array of captivating places, thanks to its many facets of diverse culture.

One of the most majestic landmarks is the Penang Bridge which stretches over 13.5 km. linking the island and the mainland, it is the fourth longest bridge in the world and boasts an impressive structure. The bridge has a symmetrical fan-shaped centre span that rises above 225 meters. Looking from a distance, one can’t help but feel awed by the beauty and splendour of this bridge.

Another splendid creation is the Khoo Kongsi which is both an ancestral clan-house and a temple. Initially constructed as a meeting place to serve the Khoo community, it was later converted into a temple for the purpose of worshipping the ancestors and patron saints. Covered with an attractive red-tiled roof and guarded with stone dragons and lions, the building tells the myths of China through its beautifully crafted walls.

Penang Bridge: Bridging the gap!Another famous tourist spot which needs no introduction, is Penang Hill, first developed by the East India Company in the late 18th Century. It is home to some 1,000 residents and has private bungalows, a hotel, and more than 100 government bungalows and quarters. Indulge in this perfect getaway for some relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Don’t miss the chance to also explore the lush greenery at Penang Botanic Gardens. Developed by the British in 1884, one can enjoy the refreshing feel and cool surroundings while appreciating and learning the names of the hundreds of species of trees and flowers that grow in the garden.

Located in Teluk Bahang, Penang Butterfly Farm is the world’s first tropical butterfly farm. Built in 1986, it is an educational adventure where one can learn about the hundreds of species of butterflies and insects. Within the area, there is a fascinating insect museum which houses an impressive collection of well-kept specimens.

A must-see in Penang is the Kek Lok Si, which is undoubtedly the biggest and most beautiful Buddhist complex in Malaysia. Hundreds of stone Buddha idols coated in gold never fail to amaze visitors. Once on top of the Pagoda, one can enjoy the panoramic view of Penang.

The places mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg for there are endless sights to see when one is in Penang. One way to explore Penang is to hop onto a trishaw, the main mode of transportation a long time ago. Today it is a favourite among tourists. This quaint three-wheeler offers you the opportunity to absorb the island’s beauty in a delightful manner.

When in Penang, you will be spoilt for choices because whether it’s sightseeing or enticing delicacies, the list is indeed spectacular. Be prepared for the unexpected! For the only thing that you can expect is the appealing graciousness and continuous warmth as you tour the Pearl of the Orient

Langkawi Island / KL 2009
Top Hotels, Top Golf!
Sunset over the Andaman!
T 4 2 – Complete Privacy!

7 day 6 night 4 golf Package
Price For 2 Persons: Request fresh Quotation

You will fly into Langkawi Island, stay 3 nights at Langkawi’s luxurious Andaman Resort. Play 2 rounds of 18-hole golf at The Datai Golf Club and Gunung Raya Golf Club. Fly to Kuala Lumpur, stay another 3 nights at KL’s top class hotel, Shangri-La Hotel. Play 2 more rounds in KL at Saujana Golf & Country Club’s Lake & Mountain Courses. Package does not include air ticket Langkawi-KL but all local transfers in deluxe private vehicle will be provided – Airport-Hotel-Golf Course-Hotel-Airport.

Datai Bay, Langkawi Island, Kedah, Malaysia

This is a package of luxury with golf at leisurely pace.

Enjoy Langkawi Island on the Andaman Sea and Kuala Lumpur.

Make it a golf’s intimate affair!


Penang & Cameron Highlands 2009
Golf in Penang & Cameron Highlands

7 day 6 night 4 golf Package
Price For 2 Persons: Request fresh Quotation

Suggested Itinerary:
Day1 Arrive KLIA
Private car transfer to Cameron Highlands
Day 2-5
Explore Cameron Highlands on your own. Golf at own arrangement

A hotel in Cameron Highlands

Day6 Check-out Private car transfer to Penang
Day7 Golf at Penang Golf Club, Bertam
Day8 Golf at Bukit Jawi Golf Club
Day9 Golf at Bukit Jambul Golf & Country Club
Day10 Free Activities Day11 Free Activities until time for transfer to Penang Airport for flight back to KLIA for onward journey (Price includes flight ticket for one-way Penang-KLIA)

Cameron Highlands: Equatorial Resort 5 nights’ Superior Room for two with daily international breakfast
Penang: Paradise Sandy Bay Beach Resort
5 nights’ Deluxe Studio Room for two with daily international breakfast

All golf inclusive of golf green, caddy & cart (twin-share) fees

Local Transfers:
Deluxe private vehicle for all transfers
1. KLIA to Cameron Highlands
2. Cameron Highlands to Penang
3. Round trip transfers to golf courses in Penang
4. Vehicle at your disposal for 5 nights’ stay in Penang


Penang & Kuala Lumpur
Top Hotels, Top Golf Clubs, Flight Tickets & Best of the Two Cities

15 day 14 night 7 golf Package
Price for 2 Golfers Only: Request fresh Quotation

Stay 7 nights in KL, golf 4 rounds at the best in the city – Saujana GCC, Kota Permai GC, KGSAAS & Rahman Putra GC – and then fly north to the ‘Pearl of the Orient’, Penang for another 7 nights and 3 good rounds at Bukit Jambul GC, Penang Golf Club & Bukit Jawi GC. Stay at Novotel Hydro Majestic in KL & Evergreen Laurel Hotel at the island’s famous seafront Gurney Drive. Price includes roundtrip flight tickets & all local transfers in deluxe private vehicle including the sector of airport-hotel.

Tell us you have a bigger group; we’ll show you how little only you need to pay!

Penang's Second Bridge Opened 2014