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A Brief History of Vietnam

Golf Now!If you think golf can only be played in a very relaxed environment, you could only be so amazed at the rate of development of golf currently taking place in this country if you knew the turmoil that the country has gone through. Yes, we are talking about the war with the Americans too, and NO we are not talking about that war alone but the entire period of continuous wars that had so much unsettled the country and its people for the last millenium and more! Did you mention your golf booking, Sir? It must have been temporarily bumped out of the priority list because a war had just set in…Let’s see..if we could locate your booking slip in the post-war archive…but which war?

The Bronze Age? Probably not. The Dong Son culture of the Bronze Age in the 3rd. Century B.C. can be taken as the point of emergence of the country as such of Vietnam. From the 1st. to the 6th. Century A.D., the country was roughly divided into halves with the north closer to the culture of the further north while the south saw the infuence of Hindu culture in the Kingdoms of Funan and Champa, near present day Danang/Nha Trang area. This period of a divided country was followed by a thousand-year of a loose colonisation by the various dynasties of China.

Roughly at the turn of the second millenium Vietnam got its ‘independence’ but wars did not end there, for otherwise with a litte luck, we could possibly have located your golf booking slip. For the next few centuries, the country took a border expansion drive to include the Mekong-Cuu Long delta in the south while continuously repelling the marauding Chinese in the north to keep their present day border intact.

In the middle of the Nineteenth Century, the French, with good excuses of course, invaded and colonized the country which together with Cambodia and Lao became part of French Cochinchina. And thus began the war of resistence against the colonialists.

It wasn’t until the Battle of Dien Bien Phu and the Geneva Accords in 1953/4 that forced the exit of the French who nonetheless, under the big picture of the Cold War, left behind a less than desirable political legacy of a communist north and a pro-West south.

Vungtau Golf: Long awaited Dawn of a Nation?For the next two decades or so, the divided Vietnamese people of the north and the south played proxies on their own land to the various world powers and fought among themselves apparently in their independent pursuit of a political ideology defined by Communism and Capitalism. The Tet Offensive of 1968 and the Paris Peace Agreement signified the victory of the communist north under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh and the nation celebrated, only to discover almost immediately that the political trophy so hard won now rang hollow in terms of an ideology that seemed to have endured well past its expiry date!

The end of the Cold War meant a change in direction for many countries previously in close association with the Soviet Union. It was no exception for Vietnam and the country has since embarked on a path of openness to the outside world.

And golf, in all probability, is no longer seen as a decadence. All are welcome!

‘Play-til-ye-Drop’ Package

Saigon & Surrounding Intensive Golf Package

12 day 11 night 8 golf Package
Price: Need re-quoting
If you can last, this is for you! Enjoy some of the best golf in Vietnam, all in one-go!

The Long Thanh Golf Course - Bunker View

Package includes:
Play in all the courses in Saigon, Vungtau, Dalat & Phantiet.
Choose from mid- to top-range hotels including Novotel, Liberty Hotel and others
All land transportations

Enjoy the cool of Dalat, the breaze of Vungtau, the Great Sand Dunes of Phantiet and the colourful nightlife of Ho Chi Minh City – all in one Golf-intensive package!

Golf Packages

Vietnam ‘Whirlwind’
Golf Vacation Package

Golf in Hanoi, HCM City – Choose the Best Hotel – Play the Best Golf Courses of Your Choice!

Price: Contact us for a Quote
Accept groups of any size – Larger groups enjoy better discount!

Hanoi Packages:
Hanoi 7day 6night 3golf
Hanoi 6day 5night 4golf

Golf: Play
– Chi Linh Star Golf Club
– King’s Island Golf & Country Resort
– Tam Dao Golf Resort
– Dam Vac Golf & Country Club

Hotel: Choose from
– Sofitel Meropole – Premium
– Sofitel Plaza – Deluxe
– Halong Plaza Hotel – Deluxe
– Guoman Hotel
– Van Hai Hotel
– Hoa Binh Hotel

Local Tours:
– Enjoy the poetic beauty of Lake Hoan Kiem
– The very unique water puppet show of Vietnam
– A 5-hour cruise of Halong Bay plus seafood treat
– City tour of Hanoi
– Others on reques


HCM City Packages:
HCM City 11day 10night 5golf
HCM City 6day 5night 2golf

Golf: Play
– Vietnam Golf and Country Club (36-hole Course)
– Long Thanh Golf Resort
– Dalat Palace Golf Club
– Novotel Ocean Dunes Golf Club
– Bo Chang Dong Nai Golf Club
– Paradise Vungtau Golf Resort

Hotel: Choose from
– Sheraton Hotel – Deluxe
– Legend Hotel – Deluxe
– Majestic Hotel – Superior
– Palace Hotel – Superior

Local Tours:
– Explore historical Cu Chi Tunnels
– Visit to Vietnam’s Cao Dai Temple
– Visit the War Museum
– Enjoy the cool and mild climate of scenic Dalat
– Visit the unique Great Sand Dunes of Phantiet: The ‘Desert’ of Vietnam
– Enjoy the war-time favourite of Vung Tau beach
– Local shopping
– Others on request

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