Golf Courses in Melaka, Negeri Sembilan & Terengganu

Course-by-Course Introduction to Golf in historic Malacca,
Negeri Sembilan, Terengganu & the Southern States of West Malaysia


A'Famosa Golf Resort - MalaccaA’Famosa Golf Resort of Melaka – This 27-hole, beautifully-sculpted golf course with natural undulations and man-made lakes, presents a wonderful golfing experience for a spectrum of enthusiasts. Each hole is unique, accentuated by the original hilly contours. The fairways are covered with Bermuda Tifway and the greens with Bermuda Tidfwarf. The course is particularly ideal for a relaxing and leisurely weekend play. The Crocs Nine features live crocodiles at one of the holes. Retrieving balls from the water is generally not encouraged.


Awana Kijal Golf Resort, Kuala Trengganu - Hole#14Awana Kijal Golf Resort of Kuala Terengganu – Primarily a course designed for relaxation, Awana Kijal is located at the sea side of Kuala Trengganu, the state capital of Trengganu whose Sultan is the current head of state, the Agong, of Malaysia. Not unexpectedly, being the premier course in the state it enjoys tremendous royal patronage, not least from the Agong, himself a golf enthusiast. That the course was built mainly to complement the tourism industry of the east coast of West Malaysia should not be taken for granted just because of that. Where would you find a sand bunker 15-ft deep; the deepest in Malaysia, perhaps amongst many other countries as well? Where else would you find a long bunker that doubles as a water hazard when the tide’s in? And, where else would you have to battle the monsoon rain and wind if you so happen to have picked the correct season to play here?
This 18-hole Par-72 Championship course is made up of two 9-hole courses, namely the Palma and Rimba 9s. The most memorable hole has to be Par-3 150-yard Hole#14 where the long sand bunker that doubles as a water hazard when the tide’s in is. It is also the most scenic amongst the many others with the pounding waves of the South China Sea constantly wham-greet visitors. (For those interested in water sports, this is also the venue for the annual The Monsoon Cup World Match Yacht Racing Tour.) The longest Par-4 on the course is the 437-yard Hole#5. This is where the deep 15-ft sand bunker is. It sits on the front left edge of the green. Strangely no one seems to have mentioned sighting a gigantic bath tub on the same spot considering the east coast of the peninsula annually enjoys a few months of storm and endless rain brought across the South China Sea from the north-easterly.

Negeri Sembilan

Staffield Golf & Country Resort - Negri SembilanStaffield Golf & Country Resort of Negri Sembilan – Freely regarded by golfing aficionados as one of the best courses in Malaysia, Staffield’s Marsh Watson-designed 27-hole course is made up of three 9-hole courses namely the Southern (3,108m; par 36), the Western (3,108m; par 36) and the Northern (3,197m; par 36) Nines. Offering a quality golfing experience in a class of their own, the three seem similar in appearance but actually have a distinct character each on it’s own. Built on a former 335-acre rubber estate, this championship course has 82 bunkers and seven lakes to challenge even the very seasoned golfers. Bermuda Tifway grass covers the fairways, Bermuda Tifdwarf does for the greens.

Tuanku Jaafar Golf & Country Resort - Seremban, Negri SembilanTuanku Jaafar Golf & Country Resort of Seremban, Negri Sembilan – A mere 45 minutes from the city of Seremban, Tuanku Jaafar Golf & Country Resort has evolved into one of the foremost golf resorts in Negeri Sembilan in recent years. Ranked as one of the longest golf courses in the country, the 1st Nine (Black 3,234m), the 2nd Nine (Black 3,300m) and the 3rd Nine (Black 3,006m) together make up this Roger Davis-designed 27-hole course specially built to provide challenges to golfers of all levels. Although there are more than 90 sand pits around the course, water hazards are few and far in between. But it is the latter that will prove the more unforgiving to errant shots. The most interesting and the longest hole on the course is the Par-5 500m Hole#10 which requires a long carry over the lake to make the first strategic landing. Tifway is used for the fairways while Tifdwarf is for the greens.

Nilai Springs Golf & Country Club - Negri SembilanNilai Springs Golf & Country Club of Negri Sembilan – Nestled in the tranquil countryside about an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur is this magnificent 27-hole golf course. It consists of three Nines: Mango, Island and Pines. The more memorable holes are Hole#9 of Mango Nine, Hole#17 of Island Nine and Hole#22 of Pines Nine. The fairways feature Bermuda while the greens are Tifdwarf.