Golfing in between Branch Visits to Malaysia

S Viswanath of Mumbai, India travels regularly with his delegates to Malaysia to visit their branch office. We were happy to arrange a ‘golf-only’ package for them in Kuala Lumpur. But S wasn’t too familiar with PayPal and got jittery over whether to sign up as a member (and therefore having to provide personal details) before making the payment to us. A direct deposit into our bank account in Malaysia for their payment had to be made and, by that we regard as a process too time-consuming and inefficient.

Nonetheless, all went well be it, S and friends enjoyed the golf we arranged for them but not without making a constructive remark on the payment method. Well, all we could say is: PayPal is efficient and safe if not too zealous in trying to push membership at the expense of revenue coming from us. We hope they read this!

This is what he says:

Hello Francis,
The tour went well. We enjoyed the golf. Only one thing, the credit card payment procedure tends to be a bit confusing. Hope you can improve on it.