Mixing Business with Pleasure in Shanghai and Beijing. Which is which?

S. C. of Hawaii was on a business trip with some friends to Shanghai and Beijing, China and wondered whether we could arrange a couple of rounds of golf for them to ‘de-stress’. No probs Sir, as we have a network of local associates in all the major cities in China. A golf package and itinerary was quickly drawn up to fit seamlessly into their business schedules spanning the two cities.

Being from the USA, S. C.’s ‘naturally’ more accustomed to using PayPal for online payments. No questions asked, the payment was quickly processed as promised and in time too, considering the little time left before their departure for China. They enjoyed the golf (and presumably made good gains on business as well) and this is S. C.’s comment on the golf trip.

Overall Francis,
I appreciate all your efforts and planning and your usual quick responses in communicating prior to the trip and after. I will highly suggest to others going to China of your services. What you have is excellent and provides fair pricing.
Thanks a lot! It was a pleasure working with you on our trip. The guys enjoyed it..and everything went smoothly just as you would want it on a vacation.